QLOGIK Products & Solutions to Improve Customer Flow and Satisfaction

QLOGIK provides a state-of-the-art queuing solution that maps the customers’ journeys and enhances their overall experience.

Tailored Digital Queuing Solutions cloud or on-premises

Gala Genius Queuing

QLOGIK provides a state-of-the-art queuing solution that enhances the experience, maps customers’ journeys, generates customized reports, and includes a gateway for integrations with other systems. Queuing reduces customer wait time and increases customer satisfaction.

Intelligent Mobile Solutions

Q-Mobility ADV

Q-MOBILITY ADV is a user-friendly custom app that allows customers to chat or get a virtual ticket to a closer branch via smartphone, reducing the amount of time they spend in the branch.

We also have an API that allows us to integrate with your existing app.

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E-Ticketing Solutions


The E-Ticket option allows customers to take a turn by reading a QR code in their cell phone, and receive the call notifications on the same device. The QR image can be shown on the Kiosk, a TV screen, or as a printed image before entering the office, allowing customers to take a turn without entering and without touching any surface.

Online Appointments

Q-Appointment Solution

The Q-APPOINTMENT solution is an online appointment scheduling software created to work hand-in-hand with your existing queuing system or as a stand-alone system. With Q-Appointment Solution, your customers will now be able to schedule, edit, cancel and otherwise manage their appointment experience conveniently online.

Digital Signage image

Digital Signage

Digital Signage Solutions

Our Advanced Digital Signage option allows you to create different layouts to display a combination of elements tailored to your needs, such as service being called, promotional videos and images, widgets to display time, date, weather, stock market, exchange rates, etc., YouTube videos, live streams and playlists, scrollable messages, information about the wait time and even allows you to integrate your own custom information. Digital Signage ADV can be configured to broadcast to all your agencies instantly and allows you to select which content goes to which agency at what time—and everything can be managed from any web browser.

Transaction Recordings

Q-Recording Solution

Do you need to monitor and improve the quality of the service you provide to your customers? Do you also want to evaluate the skills of your agents in front of your customers?

For this, we created the Q-RECORDING option. This is the perfect tool that through a pre-authorized recording with your end customers while providing on-site service, helps you to analyze and guarantee the required quality, allows you to better train agents, maintain transparency and validate the follow-up of your protocologists to your customers, storing valuable conversations for continuous improvement.

Q-RECORDING screenshot


On many occasions it is desirable for customer service personnel to be prepared before serving a customer. Some customers may need to receive information or have their documentation checked before a ticket is issued and they are served, or you simply need a way to serve customers without issuing a ticket. Now with Q-RECEPTION you can do this and much more.

Customer Feedback

Q-Survey Solution

Finally, you can manage all your customer feedback in one place. Customer responses are continuously delivered through multiple channels to multiple employees at multiple locations. Manage multiple experiences on our single platform and receive a unified view that makes delivering insights to the right people seamless.

Mobile Notifications

SMS & WhatsApp

Customers will receive notifications of how soon they will be called, directly to their mobile device to keep them alert while they enjoy a coffee or shopping nearby. This works very well integrated with E-TICKET or Q-MOBILITY ADV.