QLOGIK Technologies Group Inc.,  was founded in 1994.

Our headquarters is located in Atlanta, Georgia and a second office in Boca Raton, Florida USA. Our offices or independent subsidiaries are locations at: México, Costa Rica, Panamá, Colombia, Chile and Argentina. Soon Spain.

QLOGIK has a very good partnership with well know leaders worldwide expanding our arm to all Latin America and Europe.

Our focus sectors are:

  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Public Government
  • Retail
  • Airports
  • Communication

For over last 20-years we have been shared our expertise  with different clients in Latin America & Europe. This experience and knowledge have been well use to improve our customer satisfaction and helped us to understand and grow with our clients, theirs needs and to study each sector and the behaviors of cosumers, visitors, and employees.

We are deeply committed to our clients satisfaction, it is our gold. We will provide high quality product, solution and specialized support that will provide a high standard of service that any customer need it.