The ultimate tailored, intelligent & digital customer flow solution that you need.

Your customers’ time is limited.
Make every minute count.


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Our Q-MOBILITY ADV APP & Q-APPOINTMENT systems are available via web or app.

We also integrate with external application as appointment and others.

Your customers can make appointments and be served at the corresponding location. Public offices, universities, hospitals, restaurants and stores… GALA Genius provides a universal system for all the daily tasks.

Your customers can choose the service they need and discover in real-time how many people are ahead of them. The app sends alerts about the status of the line.


Self-service followed by meet and greet.

The customer chooses services matching his needs – gets identified and exposed to instructions, information and ads. Information is sent to the system.

A floorwalker greets the customer and identifies their needs. Information is sent to the system.

Queuing & Waiting

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Customers receive a real-time information and personalized notification.

GALA Genius keeps customers informed to orient and guide them to the right place. QLOGIK provides users with constant and accurate information, through tailored features such as SMS/WhatsApp notifications, printed tickets with advertising, and estimated waiting time and Digital Signage with entertaining videos, showing called customers and announcing by voice the name or number called for better attention.

Now waiting is going to be a pleasure and not a blind wait.

Digital Signage

Visual and digital media are undoubtedly the most effective advertising media in an agency and, when well-placed with appropriate content, helps keep customers informed.

With GALA Genius Digital Signage, in addition to displaying the called ticket number and announcing the call to your customers, digital signage is an ideal way to show product promotions, services, events and sales, and allows cross-selling of products.

Our Advanced Digital Signage option allows you to create different layouts to display a combination of elements tailored to your needs, such as service being called, promotional videos and images, widgets to display time, date, weather, stock market, exchange rates, etc., YouTube videos, live streams and playlists, scrollable messages, information about the wait time and even allows you to integrate your own custom information. Digital Signage ADV can be configured to broadcast to all your agencies instantly and allows you to select which content goes to which agency at what time—and everything can be managed from any web browser.

Advanced digital signage can enhance your business by effectively engaging customers, delivering targeted messages, and increasing brand awareness in an impactful way.


Staff is prepared by knowing the needs and service history of the customer

GALA Genius makes customer history information available for the staff allowing them to identify the customer by name and provide personalized service. This ensures the customer is oriented correctly and increases customer satisfaction.

GALA Genius also has a customizable web workstation designed to show customer identification, number of people waiting and served, transaction time and other useful information. You can set alarms, notes and more!


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Customer provides feedback on service experience

GALA Genius provides feedback units to provide suggestions and surveys to obtain qualitative data on customers perception. Touch-screen, multi-use kiosks are used for personalized surveys.

Our feedback system comes in three levels, one question survey at the end of each transaction, multi-question survey at a kiosk inside the branch or mobile phone multi-service, all linked to the customer’s identification number.


Manage staff and customers based on alerts and alarms and improve the service

GALA Genius provides alerts and alarms via email, on-screen pop-ups, displays, monitors or text messages. All data is captured in a reporting tool and online dashboard application with geolocation map and level of performance so you can analyze customer experience.