Increase revenue and cut costs to the maximum. Our most sophisticated CFE solution can be tailored more than any other to deliver the exact workflow to suit your situation. Customers will be at their happiest, too, as you finesse your customer flow to make their experience superior to any other they will encounter.

Key features

Is Calendar for you? Being able to control the appointment process is a good thing. On its own though, all you will know is that people have scheduled a time to be with you. What is helpful is when you can ensure the appointment glides into the serving process in a way that time isn’t lost and the experience is seamless.

Digital Journey
When we set about designing the Digital Signage solution we knew that the value of communication is in the messages and that creating content is a challenge. So the last thing you need is another challenge just getting the messages onto your screens. Our solution had to be as simple to use as possible. Our digital signage solution is unique in that it gives you control of all the surfaces in the branch and not just the big screens on the wall. This allows you to build up your message in stages for greater impact. What is more, messages can be tailored to customers based on their service selection, ensuring the right messages are targeted at the right customers.

Functional and Business Characteristics  

Multiple Attention Paradigms: GALA supports multiple attention paradigms allowing each organization to provide a personalized service, identifying and serving the customers according with the service they require, the type of customers they are or any combination of both.

GALA manages multiple priority methods for each queue, according to the service, customer’s segment or staff profiles.

GALA attention rules are customized for each organization, supporting priority definitions based on multiple criteria, such as FIFO, Service Level, Alternated or Combined.

GALA basic attention rules are very easy to implement and very powerful at the same time, supporting almost any organizational need without programming:

  • Attention by levels: Queues are split by levels and between the levels customer are served according the arrival time
  • Alternated attention: Queues are served alternatively based on proportions set on the configuration (i.e. 3 customers from queue A for each customer of queue B).
  • Attention by Service Levels: Maximum waiting times or service levels are defined for each queue and the system calls the customers according their priority or level within the specified service levels.


GALA provides a comprehensive set of Management Reports integrated to the system, without extra licensing costs and available for all processing architectures.

GALA’s reporting system allows to collect historical statistical information for any given period with the level of data aggregation required for each case, based on powerful filters by date, regions, offices, type of customers, services, etc. either consolidated or disaggregated and allowing to export the info to Excel or PDF and to establish a predefined frequency to automatically generate the report.

Online Dashboard

GALA has an online Dashboard that shows the status of the whole attention network at once, showing waiting times, customers waiting and attention times according to predefined SLAs for each service. The Dashboard shows interactive graphics for the whole organization, by region or by branch for each queue, service and type of customer with detailed information of current alarms and real time key performance indicators.