Greater theft reduction through greater intelligence.

As part of its offering the RetailNext in-store analytics platform contains full-featured Loss Prevention (LP) video recording capabilities equivalent to that found in designated DVR and NVR products.  By combining in-store analytics and LP functionality into a single solution, retailers can save considerably on capital expenditure and ongoing costs while installing and maintaining less hardware in stores and combining critical functions on a single platform.



  • Records any number of video streams across any number of stores
  • Storage of all video for at least 30 days
  • Instant access to any video stream for any time period
  • Video output for permanent archiving
  • View, search, and sort point-of-sale system (POS) events
  • One-click access to video of any POS event
  • Full-featured POS exception reporting
  • Video watermarking to assist prosecution
  • Automatic, customizable reports sent to your inbox
  • Instant alerts based on predefined criteria
  • Integration with third-party messaging and alerting systems
  • Web-based console with credential-controlled access available from anywhere
  • Mobile access to transaction information and video through iOS and Android devices

Use cases

THEFT REDUCTION.  By giving you greater visibility to what’s happening at the register and highlighting suspect behaviors, RetailNext can help you combat shrinkage, internal theft, credit and gift card fraud, and cash shortages.   Not only it is easier to resolve known cases and perform audits, but knowing that these capabilities are in place has been shown to reduce the frequency of employee dishonesty.

FRAUD DETECTION.  Loss prevention teams can view aggregated trends in POS usage to efficiently monitor for outlier behavior that may indicate fraud or theft.  Identified POS events are viewable instantly in the RetailNext interface.

FASTER RESOLUTION OF CASES.  By giving you instant access to searchable, sortable data and video on 100% of transactions, a RetailNext can enable the fast resolution of cases and reduce your own LP staff’s time invested

POS EXCEPTION REPORTING. Loss prevention teams can use the built-in POS reporting capability to easily monitor employee compliance by identifying events in the point of sale system such as returns or voided transactions and accessing video of each event with a single click.  You can even set up automatic exception reports to notify LP teams of unusual POS activity.  Each POS event is linked to both a sales receipt and video, allowing one-click access to the full information behind each transaction.

EMPLOYEE AND SHOPPER SAFETY.  By offering comprehensive, robust, and easy-to-use video surveillance functionality, RetailNext is a critical tool in ensuring the safe and secure environment you seek for your employees and valued customers.