Let the costumer deal with the administration

Q-APPOINTMENT is an online appointment scheduling software created to work hand-in-hand with your existing queuing system or as a stand-alone system. With Q-APPOINTMENT, your customers will now be able to schedule, edit, cancel and otherwise manage their appointment experience conveniently online.

We will work with your supervisors and management to tailor the Q-APPOINTMENT appointment scheduler to fit your needs. With the ability to customize colors and logos, Q-APPOINTMENT will match the look & feel of your organization.

Optimize your customer flow with Q-APPOINTMENT

Online customer booking

Easy to use administration tool

Dashboard: View real time information for walk-in queues (number of waiting customers, current waiting times etc.)

Customer check-in at arrival

Customizable e-mail and SMS confirmations and reminders

24/7 Access

Define your own authorization groups for user/staff access control

Supports grouping of offices/locations into regions

Supports multiple languages & time zones

Categorize your calendars/booking queues into service groups

Supports sub-services: Let the customers select in detail the reason for making an appointment and get even more detailed statistics

Supports appointments to specific users, general service queues or work stations/cashiers/rooms etc.

Online Statistics on several levels: organization, region, office/location or calendar/booking queue

Fully customizable UI: advanced text, image and color editing tools to get the look & feel of your organization

Define and customize appointment fields

Create time templates with automatic time generation or create time slots “on the fly”

Define holidays/closed days

Multiple people per booking

Multiple appointments per time slot

Group appointments

Occupation of multiple time slots for appointments based on specific conditions (i.e. number of people in an appointment)

Edit your time slots at any time (close the time slot or increase the resources)

Categorize the time slots in a calendar by service group

Search appointments by location, calendar, date, custom fields, e-mail, phone number etc.

Create/reschedule/cancel appointments in the administration tool

Batch jobs: send messages to multiple customers or cancel multiple appointments at once

Personal data will only be stored if approval is given by the customer

Lots of other functionalities and settings

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