A customer-centric culture can add value to a company by enabling it to differentiate itself from competitors who do not offer the same experience

Queue Management

GALA Genius Queuing

QLOGIK provides a state of the art queuing solution that maps customers’ journeys and enhances the experience. Globally, QLOGIK is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of queue management systems. Queuing reduces customer wait time by 50%, and increases customer satisfaction by 30%.

Mobile Solutions


QMOBILITY ADV develops mobile solutions that could better the quality of your time with ease for a technology which is really user friendly. Don’t worry, you do not have to download an app for every facility! A really useful service must be universal, and QMOBILITY ADV is there for you.


- eTicket

The eTicket option allows customers to take a turn by reading a QR code in their cell phone, and receive the call notifications on the same device.
The QR image can be shown on the Kiosk, a TV screen, or as a printed image before entering the facilities, allowing customers to take a turn without entering and without touching any surface.

Online Appointments


Ventus is an online appointment scheduling software created to work hand-in-hand with your existing queuing system or as a stand-alone system. With Ventus, your customers will now be able to schedule, edit, cancel and otherwise manage their appointment experience conveniently online.

Digital Signage

In today’s competitive marketplace, delivering valuable customer experiences is everything.

And when making the kind of relevant customer connections that drive action on the sales floor, timing is everything. That’s why digital signage has evolved into such a powerful consumer touchpoint. From digital posters and interactive kiosks, to intelligent vending machines and point-of-sale devices, retailers can deliver more targeted, engaging brand experiences and capture critical sales opportunities when and where they matter most.

Ask us today how digital signage can grow your business!

Customer Feedback


Finally, you can manage all your customer feedback in one place. Customer responses are continuously delivered through multiple channels to multiple employees at multiple locations. Manage multiple experiences on our single platform and receive a unified view that makes delivering insights to the right people seamless.




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