What is Digital Signage?

Also known as Dynamic Marketing or Multimedia Signage, we can describe it as using digital content, displayed on LCD or plasma screens or LED panels.

This sort of technology is increasingly replacing every single traditional sign, in order to improve our presentations and sales promotions, making easier the content display.

It is not only able to display contents in a dynamic way, but also allows to create an audiovisual systems network with daily updated information. These systems are managed by a mix of hardware, a special software player, content management, and the internet connection (or another technology) that allows to update remotely (3G, for example).

Creating More Valuable Consumer Experiences and Retail Sales Opportunities

In today’s ultracompetitive retail landscape, delivering valuable customer experiences is everything. And when making the kind of relevant customer connections that drive action on the sales floor, timing is everything. That’s why digital signage has evolved into such a powerful consumer touchpoint. From digital posters and interactive kiosks, to intelligent vending machines and point-of-sale devices, retailers can deliver more targeted, engaging brand experiences and capture critical sales opportunities when and where they matter most. And with the retail marketplace being driven more and more by technology, our solutions provide the flexibility, manageability, and security needed to engage customers at every touchpoint.