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Mobile Solutions

GALA GENIUS develops mobile solutions that could better the quality of your customers’ time with ease for a technology which is really user friendly.

The app doesn’t need to be downloaded multiple stores. Our time-saving service is universal because GALA GENIUS is there for your customers.

Uses Geolocation

Your customers only need to have the app running to see your store and select what they need and get the shortest route. Public offices, universities, hospitals, restaurants and stores… GALA GENIUS provides a universal system for all the daily trips.

Real-time information and alerts

Your customers can choose the service they need and discover in real time how many people are ahead of them. the app confirms the issuance of a ticket and sends personalized alerts about the status of the line.


QLOGIK a leading of Customized Touch Kiosks for Customer Flow Solutions and POS (Point-Of-Sale) solution provider since establishment in 1994. We understand the customers critical needs of reliability systems with a good hardware performance in healthcare, government, financial, retails business and even harsher industrial environments; therefore QLOGIK is always committed to providing the best hardware and software system with the best performance and to ensure the instant customer services to our global partners and end-users.

Our Touch Screen Kiosks with include inbuilt or external printer with high performance devices as card reader (band and chip or dual) are ideal for all sectors of the market in special to hospitals, public institutions, banks, insurance companies and retail industries where high printing speed and reliability are needed. Our kiosks/printers are user friendly, and easy to use, maintain and repair. Our series SENOR-GALAX have 10” – 15” – 17” or customized touch kiosks even convertible to POS adding only the specific software and additional devices.

Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Customers need to be heard. Now there is a modern, fast way to do it.

A customer’s experience determines whether they return and if they will recommend you to others – customer satisfaction is thus the key to your growth.

Modernize your feedback with fast, effective measurements that automatically analyze why they are satisfied or not.

Digital Signage

QLOGIK provides the most powerful digital signage tools in the market, allowing the distribution of multimedia content on screens, scalable from 1 to thousands of points of view in the world controlled from a single point, and real-time monitoring of everything that is happening.