Financial Sector

In the Finance Sector it is imperative to truly know your clients and understand the customer flow.  QLOGIK can offer solutions alert financial institutions when important and large clients are present. QLOGIK can also count the people that enter and exit the institution and alert managers of long waiting times.

Customers depend on financial institutions daily, but with limited time it is never an eager visit. QLOGIK can help customers have a pleasant experience and reduce the waiting time drastically.

Retail Sector

Retail is ever-changing and trends pop up daily. This causes retailer to struggle at communicating and understanding their customers. But, Retail stores do not have become mind readers because QLOGIK offers a service to help retailers analyze customer behavior with our customer analytics. QLOGIKS specialized solution, Retail Next does not stop at analytics, it can help understand how many people are in a store through people counting and for how long.

To add to the fabulous solutions reports are generated in real time.  If people counting and analytics is not your area of concern we help with loss prevention.  And, since QLOGIK believes a happy customer is a returning customer we can also provide a customer surveying management service in real time.

Government Sector

In the Government sector customer time is valued. Nevertheless, in this particular realm, waiting in line is notorious.  However, waiting in line does not have to be a tedious task that occupies a customer’s entire day. Waiting in line for a particular service could be a simple click on the phone or a tap on a kiosk that enables customers to foresee their wait time and enjoy their experience at the organization.

QLOGIK can help manage customer from pre-arrival until after their service is complete. We help organization make the waiting period pleasing for the customer.

Our solutions are specifically crafted to meet the various needs or your organization.

Healthcare Sector

The Healthcare sector is continuously growing with limited resources. Healthcare is an important sector that values the time of their patients and staff.  QLOGIK can offer solutions to enhance the Healthcare experience.  Our solutions can cover mobile applications for virtual queuing, or a necessary linear queuing to help guide patients through every point of service.

Patients like to be aware of their time and place while in any healthcare organization.  Queuing is not the only solution that healthcare would benefit from, customer satisfaction scores can dictate financial status for many hospitals, this means that OpinionMeter can help manage customer satisfaction in real time to assist with a positive overall experience for the patient.

Travel Sector

Who doesn’t enjoy a good vacation?! We all enjoy traveling, but the overall experience of traveling may not be the best part of the trip. Many dread the process of traveling, why you may ask? The overcrowded airports, the long wait times, the flight delays. Many things lead to an intolerable pre and post trip, but it does not have to be that way.

With QLOGIK solutions passengers can have a high quality experience while traveling. Traveling will no longer have to be a necessary evil to get from one to location to the next rather a postive part of the vacation.

QLOGIK can help travel institutions manage their passenger flow through people couting, heat maps, queuing, and mobile applications. QLOGIK’s versatile solutions can meet the needs of any travel institution.