Improve the quality of the service you provide to your customers

Do you need to monitor and improve the quality of the service you provide to your customers? Do you also want to evaluate the skills of your agents in front of your customers?

For this, we created the Q-RECORDING option, this is the perfect tool that through a pre-authorized recording with your end customers while providing on-site service, helps you to analyze and guarantee the required quality, allows you to better train agents, maintain transparency and validate the follow-up of your protocologists to your customers, storing valuable conversations for continuous improvement.

In the Q-RECORDING module you can select whether to record all transactions or only a percentage of them, or to have random selections.

Recordings can be viewed and filtered by branch, service, customer name, date and staff member, and can be listened to online or downloaded if required.

Agent training: Transaction recordings can be used for agent training and onboarding. Choose the best call examples and have your new agents study and learn from the best practices they hear in the call recordings.

Legal protection: Transaction recordings that are saved in GALA Genius with the Q-RECORDING module can support you in protecting your business in legal issues or disputes.